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Karen holds a BA (Hons) and MSc in Tourism and Environmental Management and a PhD in Sustainable Supply Chain Management in UK Tour Operations. She has undertaken various consultancy projects in tourism sustainability management and has a strong industry-based focus in her research activities. 

Karen is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and with a well-established lecturing career, she is passionate about supporting students to reach their full potential through Higher Education. She is personally and professionally engaged in the principles of responsible management and leadership and equipping graduates with the insights to act as change-makers. In her position as PRME Champion, Karen actively pursues opportunities to embed responsible management education into teaching and research.

- Academic member of the University Sustainability and Social Justice Committee

- United Nations Principles of Responsible Management (PRME) Champion 

-Carbon Literacy Trust Standard Certified 

- Chartered Management Degree Apprentice (CMDA) in Management and Leadership - Personal Tutor    



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(Entered under maiden name of Schwartz)


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