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Jane has a clinical background in General Practice, and has held a variety of senior posts within the Wessex Deanery, both within the General Practice and Secondary Care Postgraduate Education arenas. She developed and led the MA Medical Education Programme at the University of Winchester for ten years, before handing over the baton. The philosophy of that programme reflects Jane's belief that medical education should develop through an approach based on educational, rather than medical science, and on practitioner research. Her research interests are around the professional development of medical educators and she made this the subject of her PhD, awarded in 2013. Jane is currently working with the British Educational Research Association (BERA) developing a new partnership with medical education.

Areas of expertise

  • Medical education
  • Professional development
  • Practitioner research


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  • Bell, J. (2013), How is Practice learnt? The Professional Development of Medical Educators undertaking an MA Education. PhD Thesis.

Chapters in edited books

  • Bell, J., Hutchinson, A., Rea T. and Richards, P. (2012), Transformative pedagogies and the professional learning of educators,  In Rabensteiner, P. Ropo, E. (Eds) European Dimensions in Education and Teacher Training, Ettenheim: SVHG.

Peer-reviewed journal articles

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Occasional paper (Research in Action Series)

  • Bell, J. and Scallan, S. (Eds) (2013), Exploring Appraisal, University of Winchester.


  • Bell, J. and Scallan, S. (2013), Initial evaluation of a postgraduate certificate for GP Appraisers.  Paper presented at the annual conference of the Royal College of General Practitioners, Harrogate.
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