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  • BSc Psychology, The Open University
  • MSc Applied Child Psychology, Kingston University
  • PhD Psychology, Kingston University
  • Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Surrey
  • Higher Education Teaching Qualification: Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (AFHEA)

I joined the University of Winchester in 2016 as Lecturer in Psychology.


Journal articles

  • Aznar, A., & Tenenbaum, H.R. (in press). Gender comparisons in mother-child emotion talk: A meta-analysis. Sex Roles. 
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Book chapters

  • Tenenbaum, H.R., & Aznar, A. (2018). Diferencias de genero en la expresion emocional en la infancia. In Marta Gimenez-Dasi and L.Quintanilla. Desarrollo Emocional en la Infancia Temprana: Debates Actuales y Retos Futuros. Ediciones Piramide. 
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  • Rienties, B., Aznar, A., & Hillaire, G. (2016, April). Are emotions driving better university courses? Open Minds Talks: Open University, Milton Keynes, UK.
  • Aznar, A., & Tenenbaum, H.R. (2014, September). Children’s understanding that emotion influences behaviour. Poster presented at the BPS Developmental Section, Annual Conference: Amsterdam, Netherlands.
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