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Dr Caroline Andow is Lecturer in Criminology. She completed her ESRC-funded PhD at the University of Southampton in 2016. Prior to this, Caroline was awarded a Master's degree with Distinction in Social Policy from the University of Southampton (2010), and a first class degree in Sociology from the University of Exeter (2006).

In addition to her academic training, Caroline has worked across different employment sectors, including roles in the Crown Prosecution Service, JP Morgan and Shelter, as well as research and teaching roles at the University of Southampton and Bournemouth University. Caroline has also provided research consultancy and acted as a Trustee in small third-sector organisations.


  • Andow, C. (2018), ‘Roles and Relationships of Care and Education staff inside a Secure Children’s Home’in Gallard, D., Millington, J. and Evans, K. (eds.) Children and Their Education in Secure Accommodation: Interdisciplinary perspectives of education, health and youth justice, London: Routledge

  • Andow, C. and Byrne, B. (2018) Family characteristics and Experiences of Children entering Secure Settings, London: The National Association for Youth Justice

  • Andow, Caroline (2013) Book review. Wayne Taylor, Rod Earle and Richard Hester (eds), Youth Justice Handbook: Theory, Policy and Practice. In Punishment & Society, 15, (2), 211-212.
  • Meyer, T., Bridgen, P., and Andow, C., (2013) Free movement? The impact of legislation, benefit generosity and wages on the pensions of European migrants. Population, Space and Place, 19, (6), 714-726. (Impact Factor: 1.781)


Selected conference presentation

  • Andow, C. and Byrne, B. (2017) The characteristics and experiences of children entering secure accommodation. ‘Child Friendly Youth Justice?’  Conference, NAYJ, SCYJ and Institute of Criminology, University of Cambridge, 25 September 2017.

  • Andow, C. and Byrne, B. (2017) A secure place: care and control of complex and vulnerable children. The Royal Geographical Society Annual International Conference 2017, Imperial College London, 28 August - 1September 2017.

  • Andow, C. (2017) Performing for Ofsted: Insights from a Goffmanesque Analysis of Everyday Life Inside a Secure Children’s Home. Oxford Ethnography Conference. University of Oxford, 11-13th September, 2017.

  • Andow, C. (2016) An ethnography of a Secure Children’s Home: The Plan and the Practice. Crime and Control Ethnography Symposium. University of Birmingham, 8-9 June 2016.

  • Andow, C. and Meyer, T. (2012) Free movement? An investigation into the protection of public-private pension entitlements for mobile workers within the EU. RGS-IBG Annual International Conference. University of Edinburgh, Scotland, 3-5 July 2012.

  • Andow, C., Köppe, S. and Meyer, T. (2011) How have middle income households experienced the financial crisis? Welfare markets and household income protection in England and Scotland. The Royal Society of Arts, London, 24 November 2011.

  • Andow, C., Köppe, S. (2011) Risk Management in Times of Uncertainty. Perceptions and Behaviour of Above Average Income Households Regarding Income Protection and Financial Planning. Social Policy Association Annual Conference, University of Lincoln, 4-6 July 2011.

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