Archaeology, Anthropology and Geography

Archaeology, Anthropology and Geography at the University of Winchester: Geoarchaeologist Prof. Keith Wilkinson carrying out landscape survey in Greece

Welcome to the Department of Archaeology, Anthropology and Geography

First established as a degree in the mid-1970s, Archaeology became a thriving department in the early '90s. In 2017, we saw the addition of Anthropology, and in 2018 we welcomed the subject area of Geography into the department.

The department is home to a growing range of humanities-, science- and vocation-based undergraduate programmes as well as Master’s programmes. Research students are accepted in any subject area for which we have staff expertise, capacity permitting.

Our facilities are of an exceptionally high standard and are continually upgraded. We have an excellent reputation for a variety of fieldwork types and the department is well equipped to undertake most types of field projects. Laboratory teaching and research are supported by a dedicated technician.

Over the years we have developed strong external relationships and students have been able to do placements with a wide variety of organisations, in many cases leading to subsequent employment.

Besides being able to do exciting placements and join staff on their research in the field, there are wonderful volunteering opportunities for our students to enrich their course experience, such as for the annual Winchester Heritage Open Days.


When it comes to archaeology, few places in the UK have more to offer than Winchester. It was Roman Venta Belgarum (the market place of the Belgii tribe) and the Anglo-Saxon capital of the Kingdom of Wessex. These days, Winchester is better known for its outstanding medieval architecture and institutions, including the splendid Cathedral, Bishop’s Palace and Winchester College. Along with regional monuments such as Stonehenge and Fishbourne Roman villa, these provide a rich teaching resource located within easy travelling distance from the University.

Exciting fieldwork opportunities

Our archaeologists are currently working as far afield as the Caribbean and the Caucasus, on periods ranging from the Palaeolithic to the Second World War. Students have the opportunity to join staff on many of these research projects.

Three University of Winchester Archaeology students excavating a mammoth bone

A group of students recently joined our consultancy arm ARCA on the Mammoth Graveyard Quarry project, a dig that combined archaeology and palaeontology - and sparked a BBC documentary!

To find out more about our research projects, explore the tabs below.

Archaeology at Winchester: aerial view of students working at an excavation

Students digging at Magdalen Hill just outside Winchester; this fascinating multi-phase site is currently our main training excavation. Find out more about the Magdalen Hill Archaeological Research Project (MHARP)

Highlight placement opportunity: Winchester Heritage Open Days

Coordinated by students on our MA Cultural Heritage and Resource Management (CHaRM), we offer a cornucopia of exciting events as part of this annual celebration of local and regional history and culture. Explore our Winchester Heritage Open Days webpage.


A Winchester Archaeology degree is a solid foundation for many different types of careers, not just in archaeology. We are members of University Archaeology UK - visit the UAUK website to hear the experiences of archaeology graduates in the video Archaeology for a Range of Careers.


In the most recent Quality Assurance Agency audit of university Archaeology teaching, we were one of only four departments to be awarded the maximum 24/24 grade. We have 'Registered Organisation' status within the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists (CIfA) and two of our flagship courses are accredited by CiFA and UAUK (University Archaeology UK). This recognises our emphasis on vocational, practical skills and the high quality of the teaching/training we offer.


Anthropology shares with Archaeology an interest in material culture, from both past and present. It also includes social anthropology, which focusses on cultural development and change through time up to the present day, and biological anthropology, which studies the physical aspects of humanity, including the evolution of humans from their primate ancestors. 


Our geographers have brought to the department their considerable expertise in both human and physical geography, with particular strengths in political and cultural geography, biogeography, ecology, climate change, and hydrology/flood risk.

So much more to explore!

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Meet the team

Academic team

Emeritus Professors

Research and Laboratory Staff

  • David Ashby, Anthropology, Archaeology and Geography Laboratory Technician

Our research and knowledge exchange

Current and recent projects and research strengths

Anthropology research

Biological anthropology research in southern England

Islamic Studies in the UK (social anthropology research)

North African art & culture in France (social anthropology research)

Archaeology research


The Search for Alfred the Great, Winchester

The Magdalen Hill Archaeological Research Project, Winchester 

Meonstoke Roman Excavation Project, near Winchester 


The Mammoth Graveyard Quarry project, near Swindon

The Archaeology of Royal Hunting Lodges, New Forest

South Devon Rivers Discovery Project, Devon

National and international

Greek archaeology, particularly the Bronze Age Aegean

The history and representation of archaeology

The Archaeology of Medieval Hermitages Project

The Palaeolithic Archaeological Potential of Pleistocene Deposits in England Project

Anglo-Georgian Expedition to Nokalakevi, Georgia 

PAGES (Pleistocene Arachaeology, Geochronology and Environment of the Southern Caucasus)

Heritage for Heroes project

Caribbean cultural heritage research and knowledge exchange projects

WWII aviation archaeology/battlefield archaeology

Naqada Archaeological Regional Survey and Site Management Project, Egypt

Geography research

Climate change, ecology, biodiversity, flood risk and catchment management projects:

Bumblebees and Biodiversity in Britain Project

Eddleston Water project

Cairngorms blanket bog restoration project

Winchester Hydronet

Human geography:

Rwanda Diaspora Youth Partnership Programme

Urban studies, globalisation and organised crime

Postgraduate research supervision

We offer research supervision in a wide range of subjects. To find out more, explore our academic staff profile pages above for individual areas of supervision or use the Find an Expert search bar below.

Find out everything you need to know about studying for a postgraduate research degree at Winchester.

Consultancy and contract research

The University's flagship consultancy unit is ARCA, Archaeology's successful consultancy arm. Launched in March 2005, it carries out work locally as well as further afield, from Bristol to continental Europe. ARCA has particular expertise in geoarchaeology, geomatics and geophysics.

Find out more about ARCA. 

Highlight recent ARCA project: The Mammoth Graveyard Quarry, the dig that sparked a documentary

Research facilities

The department has dedicated specialist facilities and we are excellently equipped to undertake both fieldwork and laboratory-based projects.

Explore our state-of-the-art facilities.